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Let’s get visual

Here are some recent pictures I’ve taken around Charlottesville. I will try to take some at Darden soon as well.

Skyline Drive

Skyline Drive

Another one while hiking on Blue Ridge Parkway

Another one while hiking on Blue Ridge Parkway

Again, on the hike.  It was beautiful.

Again, on the hike. It was beautiful.

The Rotunda

The Rotunda

Looking out to the Lawn from the Rotunda

Looking out to the Lawn from the Rotunda

And don’t forget to check out this New York Times article about Charlottesville.

Classes, clubs, and shoes

I am now two weeks into Q2, which means that I am done with 5/7th of my time at Darden.  Amazing.  This quarter is thankfully a bit lighter for me.  I am taking four classes and a research elective.  I am most thankful that there are no more 8AMs.  Early week I start at 10AM and have Operations Strategy, Systems Design & Business Dynamics, and a Reading Seminar in Management, which actually meets just once a week.  Late week I also start at 10AM and have just one class (nice!) which is Entrepreneurial Finance & Private Equity.  Considering how I wasn’t so sure I get everything I could in FY finance classes, I am really enjoying the the EF&PE class.  Maybe taking Valuation last quarter helped with that.  In any case, I continue on this liking trend.  I am currently reading Eyewitness to Power by David Gergen for the Reading Seminar.  Interesting perspective into leadership lessons learned from past Presidents.

I think I may have mentioned before that a huge chunk of my time goes to various club activities.  As the VP in charge of competitions for the EVC club my goal for this year was to increase participation and prize fund.  So far, I’m proud to say that my team and I have succeeded on both accounts.  The Darden UVA Business Concept Competition drew a record of 54 submissions this year!  For the first time ever, we also split the competition into two categories: Consumer Goods, Services and General & Life Sciences and Hi-Tech.  I spent last weekend along with a few other EVC members reading through all the submissions and picking the finalists who will present live in front of judges and an audience next Friday.

I also finally took my shoes to a cobbler.  I ended up dropping off a couple of pairs of boots at Ace Shoe Repair on Zen Road.  It cost me $22 for the 2 pairs of boots to put on new tips and the turnaround time was 1 week.  That is definitely more expensive than what I was paying in New York, but the quality so far seems good.  I’ll try to report if I notice any problems but so far I would go ahead and recommend this place.  I will most likely drop off the rest of my shoes there eventually.

Time flies when you’re having fun

Seriously.  Q1 is pretty much over, in fact by Tuesday next week I’ll be done with the deliverables for two of my six classes.  Not too bad.  What is bad, is that until then I have hardly a free minute to myself.  The hardest part about SY to me is managing all the group projects.  Last year we all had the same classes and thus the professors knew more or less how much work and time we had to dedicate to their subjects.  That is a little bit harder to accomplish this year.  Class load varies greatly, not to mention the amount of work each class requires.  Take that into account and try coordinate meetings with 3-4 of my classmates working on 4 different projects and phew!  See, that’s even hard to explain.  

The quarter flew by though.  And I have a feeling that the rest of this year will too.  Especially with all the traveling I’m planning on doing - Spain over winter break, Argentina or France for GBE, then destination wedding and finally honeymoon in Russia.  Woohoo!

Moving on to more mundane things - I am still looking for a recommendation for shoe cobbler / repair in Charlottesville.  Anyone?  I’ve searched online and while a few places come up, none of them have reviews.  I guess I might have to chance it.

Tailor made

I’m generally pretty terrible at taking my clothes in to get tailored.  Mostly, I just end up wearing dresses, skirts and pants that are way too long.  That’s why all of my jeans end up ripped in the back and disgustingly eternally dirty.  While too-long jeans actually don’t really bother me that much, I realize that at my height skirts and dresses that hit mid-calf make me look short and stocky.  Yes, yes, I know, I AM short, but that doesn’t mean that I have to look all stubby.  I like to think that I have pretty nice legs.  In light of that, I decided to have a dress I’m planning on wearing to a wedding later this week, shortened.  I searched online for a tailor here in Charlottesville and while I got quite a few listings, only one place came with a review.  Two reviews, in fact, and both very good.  I decided to give Heidi’s Perfect Fit a chance.  I have to say I’m pretty happy.  The turnaround time was exactly a week, although when I spoke with Heidi on the phone, she mentioned it could be done faster if necessary.  The dress was shortened about 5 inches, the seams are even and expertly finished.  And the price seems reasonable - $20, not that I have anything to compare it to.  In conclusion, if you’re looking to have something tailored, I recommend Heidi’s.  I’ve already made a mental list of several more items that could really use to be a few inches shorter.

Now if someone could suggest a good shoe cobbler in Charlottesville…


Hiking on Turk MountainI can’t believe how quickly the summer is going by.  Some of my classmates are already half way through their internships.  I am, of course, working in the incubator and I have to say that starting your own venture is A LOT of work.  I mean, I knew that going in, but it exceeds even my own expectations.  I’m enjoying it though and hopefully will be at a good place in August to continue my work during the school year.

Charlottesville is an interesting place in the summer.  It is obviously a lot less crowded since most of the students are gone.  It also rains pretty much every afternoon/night.  I don’t remember it being like that when I was here as an undergrad.  Yesterday, my boyfriend and I drove out to Skyline Drive and took a hike on Turk Mountain.  It was fun, but tiring.  We came across a huge black snake and a cute little orange frog.  The picture you see is the summit, it’s about 1.1 miles from where we parked.

I have a complaint.  I went to the gym earlier this month and was turned away because apparently you have to pay extra to use it during the summer.  Now, I don’t remember if it was like that when I was here a few years back in undergrad but frankly it pisses me off.  I pay 45K in tuition every year.  I think that is a ridiculous amount as it is, especially considerign that I have to pay for books and everything else on top of that.  But to pay for the gym too?  North Grounds is virtually empty most of the day.  The school can’t cover $80 for a few people, especially when they pay an arm and a leg for tuition?  It really irritates me.  They constantly send me solicitations and I know I can expect even more once I graduate.  But why would I want to give the school money in the future when now that I’m basically broke as a grad student and they can’t help me out?  This, of course, is not specifically a Darden issue, more like a University of Virginia issue.  That’s not to mention that you have to pay extra to take group exercise classes.  Now, I went to several gyms in NY over the years and never have I had to pay extra for classes.  Blah.

Are we goddessing right now?

H-1B visa

Image via Wikipedia

Just one more day and it’s spring break! Of course it would be much better if this “one more day” didn’t contain a DA final, sigh… Today wasn’t too bad. I slept in a bit, and then got started on my MC paper. If I were smart like so many of my classmates, I would have finished the paper over the weekend, but noooo… I had to bake apple tarts. At least we more or less got to pick our own topics. They just had to be related to our final MC presentation. Since my group and I did our presentation on the importance of voting, I wrote my paper on the importance of H-1B visa reform. While I was doing my background research, I came across many interesting sources. If you have the time, check out Compete America - it is actually backed by the likes of Google, Microsoft, Intel…

And by the way, you are reading the blog of the new VP of Entrepreneurship of the EVC Club! Technically I lobbied for this position to be created specifically to fit what and how I want to contribute to the club next year. Nonetheless, I had to give an impromptu speech at the elections last night. I’m not sure if it’s MC, class participation, or just more experience speaking in front of groups of people but I felt a lot more comfortable and confident speaking last night. Oh, or it could have been the vodka cranberry I was sipping on… :)

I should be studying for DA right now (translation: watching Nip/Tuck) but before I go let me tell you about Luscious McTasty and Molli Mounds… There is a dance studio in C’ville that offers pole dancing lessons. Yes, you heard me right, pole dancing lessons. About 12 of us girls from Darden are taking a private 9 week class. I just came back from our second session and I must say - it is amazing! I may be discovering a second calling… Just kidding on the second calling part, but I have considered going to amateur night somewhere to pick up some extra cash… Again, kidding! In any case, it’s extreme fun, plus a great bonding experience for us girls. And for all you men reading this, don’t worry they offer pole dancing lessons for men as well!!!

It’s never too cold for ice cream

I’m almost half way done with finals and procrastination abounds… Don’t ask me how I come across these things, but this is hilarious… Who Baby broomcomes up with this stuff?

So with FMP and GEM out of the way, it doesn’t seem like the rest of the week will be too bad. Tomorrow we have the STRAT final. I’ve just been reviewing the tech notes we were assigned during the quarter. I’m not sure what else to study really. I should probably just call it a day since tomorrow looks to be pretty busy. After the final I have a meeting to discuss the next steps of the Retail & Luxury Goods club. I’m hoping to get permission for an official distribution list and also figure out how to get a website going. I’d also love to be able to participate in the club fair at Darden Days. After that meeting it’s off to the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club elections. A bunch of us are running together on a ticket. I’m aiming for VP of Entrepreneurship. I’m not sure how much opposition there will be for any of the positions as it seems that the candidate for President put together a ticket of pretty much every actively entrepreneurial or VC-oriented person in the first year class. The elections are being held at a bar though and we technically don’t have a final on Thursday (just a paper) so hopefully it will be fun.

On another note, I cannot wait for warm weather! Yesterday we had a really nice day - sunny, upper 60s, maybe even 70. It was a perfect afternoon to walk to the downtown mall to grab lunch. Baggby’s on E. Main street is one of my favorite sandwich places. It’s a bit on the expensive side in my opinion but the sandwiches are well worth it. Plus, you get a cute little chocolate chip cookie with every order!

Just down the street from Baggby’s is one of my favorite dessert places - Splendora’s Gelato Cafe. I am a HUGE fan of gelatos and sorbets, and often frequented Cones on Bleeker St. when I lived in New York City. And while Cones remains my favorite gelato joint, Splendora’s is a close second. Interesting fact - Splendora’s was started by a couple of Darden grads!

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