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Darden tweets

You can check out an ever growing list of Darden students, alums, etc. who are on twitter.  Why?  Because if Oprah is on twitter you should be too.

Classes and newspapers

The lack of motivation mentioned in my last post (yes, the one from December 2, 2008) persists.  Sigh.  

Let’s see, I’m taking 7 classes, well, 6 and a DBP (Darden Business Project):

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Leadership, Values & Ethics
  • Bargaining and Negotiating
  • Innovation (mostly in healthcare)
  • Starting New Ventures
  • Business Ethics through Literature (aka Dinners with Ed and Greg) 
Annnnd, that’s all I’ve got to say about that for now.  But, do check out the Cold Call Chronicle (Darden Student Newspaper) which is now online thanks to yours truly!

Brought to you by Systems Design and Business Dynamics class

Basically, I’m tired, unmotivated and the work is piling up.

Since I promised…

Here are some pictures I recently took around Darden.  Enjoy.

  • Mohop shoes August 24, 2008
    This is a really neat concept of using one wood and rubber shoe base and an innovative patent-pending straping system to “create” a virtually unlimited number of sandals.  In fact, the mohop website states that their shoe has been dubbed the “infinity sandal.”  Aside from potentially saving the custumer money by eliminating the need to [...]