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AK47s and Mental Accounting

Week one of Q4 is done and so far I’m loving it. No classes before 10, which means that I have that extra time in the morning to either sleep in or get some work done. Even with a 10AM start, I’m still done by 1:10 early week, which makes me feel like I have all the time in the world. I was actually just talking about that with some of my classmates yesterday at the gym. With recruiting being over for most people and more flexible schedules, everyone is starting to feel a lot more relaxed. All of a sudden people are finding time to get their cases done, go to the gym, cook dinners, and still be in bed by 10PM. Amazing!

First impressions of my current classes:

LO & Ethics - interesting material, but I find it hard to participate in class so far. Either I don’t have much to say or someone right before me makes the same point I had. Will have to work on that.

Marketing Intelligence - so far so good. Started off the quarter with a topic that called out to the Russian in me - the branding options for the Kalashnikov name. Followed that up with mental accounting in class #2. While some people found the technical note a bit dry, I though it was very interesting. Mental account is definitely something I do often. For example, when I buy something on sale I tend to say that I saved $200 rather than that I spent $100. Of course I know the difference but it feels much better to think that I actually saved money.

Data Analysis and Optimization - really enjoying this class so far. We started with data optimization. Using solver a lot.

Strategic Communication - qualitative class, seems to be very brand focused so far.

Things to do:

  • File loan applications for next year
  • Decide which idea is the most viable and apply to the incubator
  • Start writing a business plan… or at least get the executive summary done
  • Register to vote (new citizen!)
  • Figure out what to get my parents for their upcoming anniversary
  • Plan trip to Russia
  • Get back in the gym!

Almost half way done…

Wow, spring break was not nearly long enough! It doesn’t help of course that I was sick the majority of the week but I guess at least I got to sleep a lot. Classes start tomorrow, though not until 10AM for me thankfully, with LO and Marketing Intelligence. I’m pretty excited to only have two classes early week, and not have any 8AMs at all this quarter.

To kick the quarter off early and set the tone for all of next year, the newly elected officers of the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club had a hearty discussion over a welcome-back dinner tonight. There are many good ideas and projects in the air, let’s hope that everyone remains this enthusiastic during our year of reign. And in spirit of that enthusiasm, we have two more meetings scheduled this week. The weekly Wednesday evening meeting and the meeting on Thursday with the Philippe Sommer, Director of Entrepreneurship to discuss the vision of the new leadership team. Meetings seem to be the theme of the week. Darden bloggers are also meeting on Thursday. Plus, I’m hoping to set up a meeting this week with a potential faculty adviser for the Retail and Luxury Goods Club.

Other things to do besides meetings:

  • File loan applications for next year
  • Decide which idea is the most viable and apply to the incubator
  • Start writing a business plan… or at least get the executive summary done
  • Register to vote (new citizen!)
  • Figure out what to get my parents for their upcoming anniversary
  • Plan trip to Russia
  • Get back in the gym!

Are we goddessing right now?

H-1B visa

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Just one more day and it’s spring break! Of course it would be much better if this “one more day” didn’t contain a DA final, sigh… Today wasn’t too bad. I slept in a bit, and then got started on my MC paper. If I were smart like so many of my classmates, I would have finished the paper over the weekend, but noooo… I had to bake apple tarts. At least we more or less got to pick our own topics. They just had to be related to our final MC presentation. Since my group and I did our presentation on the importance of voting, I wrote my paper on the importance of H-1B visa reform. While I was doing my background research, I came across many interesting sources. If you have the time, check out Compete America - it is actually backed by the likes of Google, Microsoft, Intel…

And by the way, you are reading the blog of the new VP of Entrepreneurship of the EVC Club! Technically I lobbied for this position to be created specifically to fit what and how I want to contribute to the club next year. Nonetheless, I had to give an impromptu speech at the elections last night. I’m not sure if it’s MC, class participation, or just more experience speaking in front of groups of people but I felt a lot more comfortable and confident speaking last night. Oh, or it could have been the vodka cranberry I was sipping on… :)

I should be studying for DA right now (translation: watching Nip/Tuck) but before I go let me tell you about Luscious McTasty and Molli Mounds… There is a dance studio in C’ville that offers pole dancing lessons. Yes, you heard me right, pole dancing lessons. About 12 of us girls from Darden are taking a private 9 week class. I just came back from our second session and I must say - it is amazing! I may be discovering a second calling… Just kidding on the second calling part, but I have considered going to amateur night somewhere to pick up some extra cash… Again, kidding! In any case, it’s extreme fun, plus a great bonding experience for us girls. And for all you men reading this, don’t worry they offer pole dancing lessons for men as well!!!

It’s never too cold for ice cream

I’m almost half way done with finals and procrastination abounds… Don’t ask me how I come across these things, but this is hilarious… Who Baby broomcomes up with this stuff?

So with FMP and GEM out of the way, it doesn’t seem like the rest of the week will be too bad. Tomorrow we have the STRAT final. I’ve just been reviewing the tech notes we were assigned during the quarter. I’m not sure what else to study really. I should probably just call it a day since tomorrow looks to be pretty busy. After the final I have a meeting to discuss the next steps of the Retail & Luxury Goods club. I’m hoping to get permission for an official distribution list and also figure out how to get a website going. I’d also love to be able to participate in the club fair at Darden Days. After that meeting it’s off to the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club elections. A bunch of us are running together on a ticket. I’m aiming for VP of Entrepreneurship. I’m not sure how much opposition there will be for any of the positions as it seems that the candidate for President put together a ticket of pretty much every actively entrepreneurial or VC-oriented person in the first year class. The elections are being held at a bar though and we technically don’t have a final on Thursday (just a paper) so hopefully it will be fun.

On another note, I cannot wait for warm weather! Yesterday we had a really nice day - sunny, upper 60s, maybe even 70. It was a perfect afternoon to walk to the downtown mall to grab lunch. Baggby’s on E. Main street is one of my favorite sandwich places. It’s a bit on the expensive side in my opinion but the sandwiches are well worth it. Plus, you get a cute little chocolate chip cookie with every order!

Just down the street from Baggby’s is one of my favorite dessert places - Splendora’s Gelato Cafe. I am a HUGE fan of gelatos and sorbets, and often frequented Cones on Bleeker St. when I lived in New York City. And while Cones remains my favorite gelato joint, Splendora’s is a close second. Interesting fact - Splendora’s was started by a couple of Darden grads!

It’s that time again…

I seriously cannot believe that it’s finals time again. I swear every time I turn around I’m taking finals. And every time finals roll around I find new ways to procrastinate. Last time I spent hours looking at, this time I decided to bake. For those of you who know me well, let me repeat - “I decided to bake.” Me, who apparently has an aversion to cooking and haven’t stepped into a kitchen in years… I spent several hours over the weekend peeling and chopping apples and mixing dough in order to make perfect little cupcake-size apple tarts. Don’t get me wrong, they were delicious. But it does cross my mind that perhaps those hours would have been better spent reviewing company valuations and currency risk hedges. Never mind studying though, yesterday I proceeded to make banana bread cupcakes. I’m beginning to notice a pattern - apparently I enjoy making mini-size desserts. Yes, yes, I’m also a procrastinator, but that’s nothing new. On that note though, let me go review the impossible trinity and the three-pane model for GEM, my final tomorrow morning.

Finals this quarter:

  • FMP
  • GEM
  • MC - paper, on a topic related to our final group presentation
  • DA

Link to mini apple pie tart recipe.

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