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Hiking on Turk MountainI can’t believe how quickly the summer is going by.  Some of my classmates are already half way through their internships.  I am, of course, working in the incubator and I have to say that starting your own venture is A LOT of work.  I mean, I knew that going in, but it exceeds even my own expectations.  I’m enjoying it though and hopefully will be at a good place in August to continue my work during the school year.

Charlottesville is an interesting place in the summer.  It is obviously a lot less crowded since most of the students are gone.  It also rains pretty much every afternoon/night.  I don’t remember it being like that when I was here as an undergrad.  Yesterday, my boyfriend and I drove out to Skyline Drive and took a hike on Turk Mountain.  It was fun, but tiring.  We came across a huge black snake and a cute little orange frog.  The picture you see is the summit, it’s about 1.1 miles from where we parked.

I have a complaint.  I went to the gym earlier this month and was turned away because apparently you have to pay extra to use it during the summer.  Now, I don’t remember if it was like that when I was here a few years back in undergrad but frankly it pisses me off.  I pay 45K in tuition every year.  I think that is a ridiculous amount as it is, especially considerign that I have to pay for books and everything else on top of that.  But to pay for the gym too?  North Grounds is virtually empty most of the day.  The school can’t cover $80 for a few people, especially when they pay an arm and a leg for tuition?  It really irritates me.  They constantly send me solicitations and I know I can expect even more once I graduate.  But why would I want to give the school money in the future when now that I’m basically broke as a grad student and they can’t help me out?  This, of course, is not specifically a Darden issue, more like a University of Virginia issue.  That’s not to mention that you have to pay extra to take group exercise classes.  Now, I went to several gyms in NY over the years and never have I had to pay extra for classes.  Blah.

Need your help…

Please help me gauge some things for my incubator venture!  Fill out this survey.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  I’ll try to post about my first two weeks in the incubator soon.  I promise!

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